NAIA Board of Directors – (2017-2019)

NAIA is governed by a 9 – 15 member Board of Directors elected by members of the organization. The Board sets the policies for the agency, oversees the functions of management, establishes long-range plans for the agency, and acts as an advocate for the needs of the Indian people of Tennessee.

Executive Officers:

Executive Director Ray Emanuel, Lumbee
President Ramona Morrison, Northern Cheyenne
Vice President  Karen Locher, Northern Cheyenne
Treasurer Gladys Bratcher, Seminole
Secretary Amanda Williams, Cheyenne-Arapaho

Board of Directors:

  • Cheryl Prevatte, Lumbee
  • Chuck Creasy
  • Jackie Yazzie, Navajo
  • Joseph Fire Crow III, Northern Cheyenne
  • Peggy Williamson
  • Sally Wells, Mississippi Band of Choctaw
  • Sheila M. Reese
  • tom kunesh, Standing Rock Lakota  

Board Advisors:

  • Bill Wells
  • Debbie Neely
  • Virginia “Elise” Stevens
  • Warren M. Smith

The overall operations of NAIA are managed by an Executive Director and supervisory staff who have extensive education, training, and experience in their respective areas of responsibility. This management structure is an efficient and responsive system of operations that enables the organization to manage many projects, programs, services, and Indian initiatives.

Past Presidents:

  • Cheryl Prevatte, Lumbee
  • Edna Fay, Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians
  • Jackie Yazzie, Navajo/Diné
  • Sally Wells, Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians

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