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NAIA-TN 2007 Pow-Wow dancer


Tennessee State Pow-Wow

17-18-19 October 2014

Northern & Southern combined











Top quality, professional sound system provided.
System monitored continuously.
No personal systems.

  1. All lead singers must register their drum group to be eligible for contest monies.
    Drum Registration will close at 12:00 noon or Grand Entry on Saturday.
    All drum groups must consist of at least fifty percent (50%) of singers
    who are enrolled members of federal or state-recognized tribes.
    Drum registration: $20.

  2. Drum groups must set up at the location assigned to them by the
    Drum Coordinator and set up in the same location each session.

  3. To answer drum roll call and qualify for payment,
    all singers and the drum must be present.
    Drummers will keep drum-area clean and free of trash. Please help keep our circle clean.

  4. Song lengths will be limited as follows: Intertribal - 6 pushups,
    Contests - 4 pushups, and Grand Entry - 4 pushups.

  5. Drum rotation will be clockwise for intertribal and counter-clockwise for contest songs.
    EXCEPTION: Northern drums for Northern contest categories and
    Southern drums for Southern contest categories.

  6. Drum groups may sell their own cd's and cassette tapes.
    For more info, contact the PowWow Committee at naia[@]

  7. Any singers suspected of alcohol or drug use, exhibiitng inappropriate behavior,
    or not complying with the Arena Director regarding appropriate behavior
    will cause the drum group to be disqualified for that session
    and will not receive payment.

  8. By registering, the drum group gives NAIA PowWow Committee
    permission to use the drum group's photo, image and songs
    as part of NAIA's promotional material.

    Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.
              Enjoy your weekend!

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