Powwow Etiquette

For our patrons, we ask you to consider the following to make the Powwow an enjoyable experience for all

Powwow Etiquette and Tips

  • Honor and Respect the Powwow. Powwow is a sacred event. Ceremonial songs and dances will be performed.
  • Respect the Elders. Please do not talk while they are speaking on the public address system.
  • Dress Appropriately. Revealing clothing is considering disrespectful.
  • Listen to the Emcee. He keeps the singers, dancers, and general public informed of what is happening.
  • Do Not Touch the Dancers or Their Regalia. The ornaments and dress are considered sacred objects and/or family heirlooms.
  • Ask Permission Before Taking a Photo or Recording. Do not enter the dance arena for a photo. Refrain from taking photographs of young children who are not your family members.
  • Respect the Flag Song. The Flag Song or Indian National Anthem is sung when the American Flag is raised or lowered. Please stand and remove hats during the singing of this song.
  • Seating Around the Dancing Circle is Reserved for drummers, singers, and dancers. Bleachers are provided, but you are welcome to bring your lawn chairs.

If you have any questions, the emcee, Arena Director, dancers, elders, or staff are happy to help. Enjoy and have fun!