In order to determine your eligibility for the NAIA Employment and Training Program, you must be prepared to show documentation of your American Indian and employment status.

Documentation MUST be provided from each of the categories listed below. Several examples of sufficient documentation are provided in each group. For EACH group please choose ONE of the types of documentation to return to this office.

  • Intake Form
    • Original WIOA Intake form completed and signed
  • Indian documentation. Please provide ONE of the following to document your Indian heritage:
    1. Certificate Degree of Indian Blood (CDIB) Card OR
    2. Tribal Enrollment Letter from a federal/state recognized tribe OR
    3. Other tribal document
  • Proof of Residency. Please provide a copy of ONE of the following:
    1. Driver’s License OR
    2. State ID Card OR
    3. Utility Bill with your name and address OR
    4. Voter Registration Card
  • Registered with Selective Service. (Only applies to males born after 1960)
    • Selective Service Card or Letter (can be obtained online if needed)
  • Unemployed/Underemployed Status. Please provide ONE of the following:
    1. Unemployed (lay-off notice OR print out from the Unemployment office OR a copy of unemployment benefits letter) OR
    2. Completed and signed Unemployment Verification Form OR
    3. Underemployed (recent paystub showing you worked fewer than 30 hours a week or statement from employer stating average hours worked) OR
    4. Employed in need of retraining or upgrading of skills (letter from employer)
  • Low Income. If this applies to you, please provide ONE of the following:
    1. Public Assistance Recipient (ID card or notice of benefits for any public assistance program (SSI, Welfare, Food Stamps, Tenncare, etc.) OR
    2. Wage statement from employer on company letterhead OR
    3. Social Security Records OR
    4. Check stubs/W-2s OR Workers Compensation/Unemployment Insurance Documents

 Proof of Ancestry

Valid documentation may include:

  1. Letter from the applicant’s tribe stating that he or she is a tribal member or is related by bloodline to a member
  2. Military records which state the applicant is an American Indian
  3. Similar documents verifying an applicant’s ancestry will suffice for Alaskans and Hawaiians, as well.

Other Information

A participant must enroll in the Native American Employment and Training program within 45 days of approval or the application process must be repeated.